Mir Space Station: Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria

My motivation to develop the Kids Tech Summit is to inspire middle school and high school students to accel in education and develop skills that can lead to future careers. Part of my focus is also teaching students that there are critical junctures in their lives. If they are prepared for these milestones the decisions that they make are in their own hands. Not someone else. We talk about freedom. Most are right its not about millions and billions of dollars, but its about the ability to have choice. #FREEDOM. Being positioned and prepared helps us stay in control of the options we have in #LIFE. All of my peers are dreamers. Most of them very successful. Some on their way to more success. The ones who fail we learn from their failures and respond quickly to support in the path to success. Like they say what goes up must also come down at some point (ie. MIR). I have not made anything on my own. Every success has all been through strong mentorship. Every failure has been padded by even stronger friendships. It is okay to dream and fall. My team is here to rebuild when it does til Success for those who believe. -Richard Victor Mahee

Assignments: Are given out during the course of a semester to students in our Innovation or Give Back Programs. These assignments are part of brainstorms for work essential for our partner projects.

Internships: A list of internships are provided by focus to students in our Innovation or Give Back Programs. These internships are a component of a real project or business function. Each student that completes the Internship gets career experience and approved career experience for their resume.